Women Environment and Youth Development Initiative is a non-governmental and non-sectoral organization formed to help in the all-round development of Women and Youth, which constitutes a larger part of the population of the world. WOYODEV was established by passion driven youth in 2008 and duly registered with the State Ministry of Social Welfare and Development, Kwara State and the Corporate Affairs Commission-CAC, Nigeria.

"We believe 'an informed mind makes informed decision' We work with women, youth and communities and empower our target groups for strengthened livelihood., We are a strong voice in ensuring equity, access, rights and justice!"
Tosin Apiriola-Ajayi
Executive Director


We establish tons of programmes to provide and support Women and youth Eco system


We support women, girls and other vulnerable individuals for academic achievements and skill acquisition. We advocate for Girl-Child education and support adult literacy for older women and indigent groups.

Sustainable Livelihood

WOYODEV promotes and create social security programmes that will provide financial and/or material assistance for women, youth and other vulnerable groups so that they can be empowered.

Disaster Risk Reduction/ Management

We contribute to Disaster Risk Reduction efforts to ensure communities are safe for women, youth, children and other vulnerable groups. We carry out baseline studies, research, interventions and impact assessments for improved livelihood and healthy living!


We encourage and organize programmes and projects that create awareness among women, youth and communities on the dangers of over-population, environmental degradation and deforestation. We engage women, youth and communities on climate Change mitigation and adaptation strategies, train and provide necessary equipment for people in communities for better hygiene, sanitation and healthy living.

Civic Participation and Democracy

We enhance women and youth involvement and inclusion in decision making processes, civic right, budget tracking and advocacy. We support peace building, conflict management and sustainable development for rural and last-mile communities. WOYODEV organize programmes that will encourage women and youths to have a deep sense of responsibility, civility and creativity in dealing with public and national issues.


WOYODEV advocate and organise programmes aimed at ending all forms of discrimination especially gender based discrimination and rights/dignity of women and female youth. We believe in Right to Life, Sexual orientation, Reproductive health, Gender Rights. We advocate and carry out enlightment on the elimination of harmful traditional practices that affect female generally such as early marriage, circumcision and widowhood under rights spectrum.


Concerned about the dwindling reality of healthcare delivery in communities, we advocate, promote and sensitise stakeholders and the populace on key health issues. We enhance women, girls and other vulnerable groups’ access to good healthcare by providing information and referrals through conducting medical outreaches, media engagement, and Inter-Personal Communications on HIV/AIDs, Malaria, TB, Cancer, Nutrition and other services. We enhance accessibility to basic and menstrual hygiene health education and safeguards against preventable and communicable disease.

Latest Projects

African Voices Against Killer Robot Project

African Voices to Stop Killer Robot is a unique opportunity that intends to Echo Young People’s Voices in the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots and influence a safer continent and world! The campaign…

The VFL 2019 Project in Nigeria

Views from the Frontlines (VFL) 2019 is the largest independent global review of Disaster Risk reduction at the local level. It aims to strengthen the inclusion and collaboration between at risk people, civil society and government in…Views from the Frontlines (VFL) 2019 is the largest independent global review of D …


End Child Bride Project

End Child Bride Project is an initiative of WOYODEV funded by Mundo Coperante aimed at identifying and supporting vulnerable young girls between ages of 8 to 18 across 16 local governments of Kwara State who have or likely to be faced with child marriage. Kwara State, located in North Central Nigeria has been identified as …

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