About Us


Women Environment and Youth Development Initiative is a non-governmental and non-sectoral organization formed to help in the all-round development of Women and Youth, which constitutes a larger part of the population of the world. WOYODEV was established by passion driven youth in 2008 and duly registered with the State Ministry of Social Welfare and Development, Kwara State and the Corporate Affairs Commission-CAC, Nigeria.


Attaining greater heights for women and youth in a conducive environment


Reach the less privileged with succor while engaging communities actively in finding solutions to their problems


We envision Good Health, Zero level of Ignorance, Health Friendly Decisions and Hazard Free Environment for the betterment of women and youth and the community at large.


A non-governmental, non-sectoral organization that is committed to identify with the average Nigerian Women and Youth, Promote, Enlighten and Enhance all-round Comfort so as to bring smiles to their faces.


To provide for women and youth a voice, identify with their hopes and aspirations in view to develop and promote their relevance and sense of belonging in the development and stability of their communities, environment and the nation.

  • Carry out studies of various problems confronting women and youth and finding ways of alleviating them.
  • Organizing vocational training, seminars, symposiums, workshops, conferences and information technology for women and youth
  • Identify and source for ways to alleviate/ solve women and youth problems, such as drug abuses and addiction, teenage pregnancy, sexual harassment and exploitation, cultism, examination malpractices, peer pressure e.t.c
  • Networking, activism and linkages with local and international donors’ agencies.
  • Promotion and source for funds for programmes that can and will empower both the youth and women with disabilities to positively contribute to the society.
  • Promotion and enlightenment on the elimination of harmful traditional practices that affect female generally such as early marriage, circumcision e.t.c.
  • Organizing programmes aimed at improving and promoting the ending of gender based discrimination and rights/dignity of women and female youth.
  • Enhancing accessibility to basic hygiene health education by providing information, education and safeguards against preventable and communicable disease such as STDs, HIV/AIDS, TB and CANCER e.t.c to which women and youths are the most vulnerable.
  • Providing information and education on child/human trafficking and forced labour.
  • Source for aid and assistance for the less privileged, handicapped, orphans, widows e.t.c.
  • To develop and distribute educational resources on hygiene and sanitation in our communities for better enlightenment.
  • To fund and support worthwhile programmes targeted at improving the quality of life of women, youth and children in countries especially Nigeria
  • Encourage and organize programmes and projects that create awareness among women and youths of the dangers population and environmental degradation.
  • Organize programmes that will encourage women and youths to have a deep sense of responsibility, civility and discipline, self-reliance, self sacrifices, hard work, creativity in dealing with the public and national issues.
  • Promote our cultural heritage and encourage the utilization of the good aspects of our cultural values to serve as the ingredients or integration and unity.
  • Promote and create social security programmes that will provide financial and/or material assistance to trained but unemployed women and youth so that they can be empowered.
  • To provide access to information while advocating and raising awareness on hygiene and sanitation and overall healthy living standard of urban and rural dwellers.
  • To enhance women and youth involvement and inclusion in decision making processes, civic right, peace building and sustainable development.
  • To ensure Disaster Risk Reduction while ensure conflict management and safe environment for women, youth and children.
  • To introduce new and sustainable method of hygiene and sanitation in our environment.