About Us


Women and Youth Development Initiatives is a non governmental, non religious and non sectoral organization, rather an organization formed to help in the all round development of Women and Youth, which constitutes a larger part of the population of the world. Woyodev Initiatives was established in the 2008 and duly registered with the State Ministry of Social Welfares and Corporate Affairs Commission.


  • Carry out studies of several of problems confronting women and youth and finding ways to alleviate them.
  • Organizing vocational trainings, seminars, symposium, workshops, conferences and information technology for women and youth.
  • Identify and source for ways to alleviate/ solve women and youth problems, such as Drug Abuse and Addiction, Teenage Pregnancy, Sexual Harassment and Exploitation, Cultism, Examination malpractice, Peer Pressure e.t.c


  • At-Risk Communities
  • Sectoral Leaders (Youth leaders, community leaders’ e.t.c)
  • Female Adolescents
  • Persons Living with Disabilities
  • Persons Living with HIV/AIDS
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children
  • Women
  • Youths


  • Advocacy
  • Community mobilization
  • Activism
  • Peer education
  • Training
  • Capacity building
  • Sensitization/ workshops/ seminars and conferences
  • Networking
  • Information dissemination via IEC Materials e.g. Handbills, Posters, Banners


Involvement in Development Issues

Following are some of the developmental issues that our organization has participated in:

  1. Participated in the UK/Africa partnership for sustainable development in Abuja, August 2008.
  2. Participated in various programmes/activities of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) from 2007 to date.
  3. Participated at the Promoting Access to Sexual Health and Rights Education in the Six Northern Nigeria organized by Association of Positive Youth Living with HIV/AIDs in Nigeria, APYIN with support from OXFAM NOVIB.
  4. Participated in Freeing the Youth from the Scourge of HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse. 2008
  5. Trained by the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, Nigeria, on Orphan and Vulnerable Children Support, November 2009.
  6. Participated in Climate Change programmes.
  7. Participated in the Operational Plan Development on HIV/ AIDs Intervention of Kwara State(2011-2012)
  1. Participated in a 3-day workshop on building capacity of civil society organizations for enhanced participation of women in peacebuilding, thus trained on Peace and Conflict Management by Impact for Change and Development in Collaboration with CORDAID, Netherlands. April 2009
  2. Represented Kwara State at the National stakeholders’ workshop on Water and Sanitation by Federal Ministry of Water Resources, 2010
  3. Participated at the Voters Registration Monitoring and Observation in collaboration with ACE funded by UNDP. 2011
  4. Participated at the Gender and Sustainable Development training organized by Centre for Management Development and sponsored by ACBF, 2011.
  5. Participated at the 1st African Youth Urban Assembly by UN-HABITAT. Abuja July 2011
  6. Participated at African Mayoral Climate Change Declaration, West Africa


Few of the achievements of Woyodev Initiatives include:

  • Training of 200 female adolescents on Basic Hygiene, HIV/AIDS and STDs, Religion and Health in Baruten LGA of Kwara State, August 2008
  • Participated in the facilitation of the training of 300 youths (100/LGA) in Kwara State, Nigeria on Freeing the Youth from the Scourge of HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse in collaboration with NYNETHA funded by Federal Ministry of Youth, Nigeria, with support from OSSAP and MDG, Nov. 2008.
  • Capacity Building for Christ Apostolic Church youths using the Faith-Based Approach on HIV Prevention and Care and Support for PLWHA tagged- Stemming the Scourge of HIV/AIDs among Christian Youths through Information Dissemination, May 2010.
  • Facilitated a forum on Women Development and Effective Women and Youth Involvement in Decision-making processes.

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